What is in your Share? Week of March 3rd, 2014

Howdy Folks,
It’s in the air these days….spring.  It’s on it’s way.  I was walking in town the other day and the daphne, crocuses, and witch hazel were all out of control, overwhelming my senses.  I  love spring time or the hints and hopes of spring.  There’s a new season around the corner, seeds sprouting in the greenhouse, the collards are sending up their shoots (their raab), new buds on the plum tree, just a bit of hope in the air… And everthing is growing and singing, especially the frogs.  They are doing a lot of singing these nights.  Getting ready to make the magic happen.  I was at the small farms conference a couple weeks ago and Michael Ableman was the keynote.  He talked about how to inspire more folks to farm and realized he’d been telling them the wrong things, “I’ve been trying to communicate in the wrong way,” he said. “I’m not farming. I’m presiding over a giant orgy of frogs and worms and bumblebees. All they really need to know is there is all this sex going on at the farm.”  I thought it was great way to sum up this time of year on the farm.  The orgy is just getting started.  Lots of excitement in the air.
Enjoy your vegetables,
What is in your share:
Zepplin Delicata Squash-  Delicata has made it’s return.  What can’t you do with these?
Purple Majesty Potatoes-  This is the last batch.  If you haven’t found out on your own, they are a bit starchier and cook faster than your average potato, but they are 4 times more nutritious than your average potato.
Red Core Chantenay Carrots-  The quality is going down a bit on these, but they are still tasty as ever.  Every once in awhile a bad one slips by us on the sorting line.  Sorry if that has happened to you.
Three Grex Root Beets-  These beauties made it through all of the cold and snow and such.  Just a few of these, but worth it.
Wirosa Savoy Cabbage-  These are the wrinkly ones. Cabbage is pretty great in any dish.  Soups, stir fries, slaws, krauts, breakfast burritos, ravioli…..
Deadon Cabbage-  These the greenish ones with a bit of purple here and there.
Blue Solaize Leeks-  I love leeks.  They make it through the winter pretty much no matter what.  When your down and out, they’re still there.  They are always around. Now, they are a little over a year old.  I seeded them last February, planted them out in the field in late May and now we’re eating them. That’s a long time in the making, but worth it.  I hope you enjoy them.
Evergreen Winter Hardy Green Onions-  These scallions are delicious. Oniony and green and fresh. Add them to any dish for a mild onion taste.  You can cook them or use them in their raw form.
Purple Rapa Mix-  These are just the beginnings of great things to come. This spring beauty is a mild mustard like green that send up a tasty raab, rapa, brocolini, flower head, what ever you want to call it. So you get the tender green leaves and a bit of raab, too.  Stir fry it.  or Salt, pepper, and olive oil it and roast it in the oven on 450 for 5 to 15 minutes, making a cripsy, sweet and simple dish.
Wild Garden Chicories-  I love this mix.  Both in great and not so great years these our perform most of the chicories.  They have a ton of vigor and have been selected over the past 15 years to thrive in the NW.  I hope you like them as much as I do.
Cress-  Winter weeds are the best.  This one has been really good to us.  It’s decided to grow in rows in-between the chicories.  It’s been fairly easy to harvest and most everyone has seemed to enjoy it.  We’ve been eating it by itself in a salad form and as a very delicious garnish on soups.  I believe this is the last time we’ll see it for the season, so enjoy.
Lorz Italian Garlic-  We got this from the folks at Flying Onion Farm.  We bought some for seed and some to give out to you this year.  Next year all our garlic will come from us.  Mark and Karen have a great farm down in Oregon City and sell their produce at the Woodstock Farmers Market and the Peoples Farmers Market.   If your in the area swing by their booth and enjoy the vegetables of their Labor.
Prompt and Print-  Another great series from both Jason and Jen. Hope you like ’em.
Eat it up!

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