What is in your share? Week of March 31st, 2014

Howdy Folks,
It is April Fools Day and I briefly thought of not labeling the stinging nettles, but figured you wouldn’t appreciate that.  So, we labeled them and you should take care when handling them.  You can wear surgical gloves, use plastic bags as gloves, or use tongs.  Long sleeves are helpful, too.
We have another great prompt in your share, and a great vegetable print.  Hope you enjoy them both.  Also included is a certificate for a free half hour massage, no strings attached.  I trade vegetables with, Kyra Plume.  She’s a fantastic massage therapist and I’ve been going to her of the last couple years to help work with my aches and pains and feel pretty amazing every time I leave her place.  I’ve always thought that getting acupuncture or massage is good way to maintain your body like you would your car or bike.  You tune them up, add oil, grease and try to keep them running smoothly.   But massage and acupuncture is better because you’ve only got one body to last you for the rest of your life…..Anyhow, that’s my two cents.  Another member, Vera Brink, helps harvests vegetables on Thursdays, She runs a great Acupuncture clinic.  Brooklyn Community Acupuncture.  And another CSA member practices there, too.  The price is a sliding scale.  It’s a great place.  That’s my three cents now.  Over this next summer I’m hoping to create a page on our website of the small businesses that make up our CSA. I’ll keep you posted.
It’s hard to believe it’s the last share of the season.  It’s a good one to end on.   Full of greens and Spring!   I hope you like eating it as much we’ve enjoyed growing and harvesting it.  I wanted to write a poem or a song, a novella….something special for this last share of the season, but it’s late and I’m beat.  Mostly I wanted to say,”Thanks for eating!”  Thanks for supporting us in our endeavors.  I hope you enjoy eating the vegetables as much as we love growing them.  Every year is different and I never stop learning.  Hope you shared many great meals and learned a few things along the way, too.
Thanks for sharing the harvest with us.
danny, michelle and ramona
What is in your share:
Delicata Squash-  A little bit of Candystick Delicata, a bit of Zepplin and possibly a bit of acorn or other squash.  The last of the season.
Carola Potatoes-  Still great after all this time.
Kale-  This a mix of Red Russian types, Siberian types, and others in between.   It’s super tender and sweet right now.  Salad quality kale.  Eat it raw or cook it.  Either way you can’t loose.
Leeks-  Maybe try a French Leek Soup.  Substitute leeks for onions in your favorite french onion soup recipe.
Spring Onions-  These are just starting to flower, but still have a lot of great green onion flavor.
Turnip or Rutabega Raab-  Oh, man, I think this is some of my favorite raab.  This raab comes from some of the old rutabegas and Turnips that didn’t make the cut.   Here’s what I wrote last week, it’s worth reading again if you missed, “Raab is really special. It’s only around for a brief period of time.  It brings with us the sweetness of winter with the tenderness of spring. How do you beat that!?!  You can grow raab during the rest of the season, but it’s never as tasty as this.  The best way to eat these little gems is to coat them with olive oil and salt to taste.  Then grill them until the leaves are crispy and the stalks are tender.  You can also roast these in the oven on 450 for 10- 15 minutes.  Crispy leaves, sweet and tender stems.  They are one of my favorite parts of spring.”
Kale, Collard, or Cabbage Raab-  See above.
Wild Chicory Mix-  This is a mix of just about every chicory, radicchio, we have on the farm.  If you haven’t tried roasting or grilling this, it’s not to late.  Throw in on a separate pan when you’re cooking the raab.
Spinach-  I hate growing spinach, but I love you all, so a you’ll get a little bit of spinach.  Hope you like it.
Salad Mix-  This is mix similar to last time.  Bekana makes up the bulk of the mix, with a bit of Ruby Streaks and Arugula.  One member said she was using it as a roll.  Like a lettuce roll.  Sounds great to me.  Enjoy.
Stinging Nettles-  So, you’ve got a paper bag full of stinging nettles, what are you to do?  It is April Fools Day, so you could prank someone……Well, first off, take caution when handling them because they sting. You can use plastic bags on your hands, or surgical gloves or tongs to handle them. Long sleeves help, too.   You have to blanch them to stop them from stinging. Put them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then take out and put in some ice water to stop them from cooking.  From here you can do many things.  A lot of people use them like you would spinach, but they are even more nutritious than spinach.  High in Vitamin A, B, and C.  Also high in many trace nutrients as well as cobalt, phosphorous, and potassium writes Ellen Jackson in a great Edible Portland article right here.  Here’s a great recipe from Edible Portland.  Here’s another one for Nettle Pesto.  I’d replace the pine nuts with walnuts.  You can save a bunch of cash that way.  And it’s still delicious.
Amish Butter Popcorn-  Oh it’s your lucky day! Popcorn. I love popcorn.  And I really love this popcorn.  It has really great flavor.  You can rub two of the cobs together over a large bowl to get the kernels off or grab a cob with one hand and twist with the other over a large bowl to get the kernels off.

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