What is in your share? Week of January 20, 2014

Howdy Folks,
Sunshine and fog, fog and sunshine.  For better or worse that’s the weather we’ve been having.  Looks like it will continue through the month and hopefully we’ll catch a rain drop or two in February.  I’m sure we’ll make up for it at some point this spring.  I’m excited about this share.  It’s got a wide variety of colors and flavors.  A lot of different combinations to be explored.  Here at the farm we’ve just moved into our new wash and pack shed.  It’s pretty nice.  Lots of room, more places for everything.  We’ll get some lights up and modify the root washer and wash table a bit and be on a roll.  It’s been a year in the wanting and is finally up and running.  Now I want another one for the tractors and random other piles around the farm.  One year at a time….That’s what we’re trying to do anyways.
Hope all of your beginnings to this new year have started off on the right foot.  Or the left one if you prefer.  Anyways, hope you’re all well.
What is in your share:
Napoli or Redcore Chantenay Carrots – We’ve reached the end of the Napoli’s and we’re on to the Red Core Chantenay’s.  They are the short, wide shouldered ones, with a bit of a taper. They are delicious.  Let me know what you think.
Three Grex Root Beets – I was unsure how the beets would recover after the December freeze and am happy to see that about half of them did.  Yep, half is definitely not great, but it’s a lot better than none.  And they are delicious.  Eat the greens, too.  I always cook the greens like I would chard or spinach.
Blue Solaize Leeks – Send me your favorite leek recipes.  I feel like I’d like some more.  I always just use them like I would an onion, but I think they need a little special attention now and again.
Rainbow Lacinato Kale –  This is the same variety you received last time.  Eat it up.
Watermelon Radishes –  I’ve had a couple people tell me how great these are in kimchi.  For color and flavor.  They make a really tasty garnish on any dish.  And I really like the fact that they are pretty mild when it comes to spice.
Hakurei Turnips –  Can you believe how tender these are?  Eat them in some raw form.  They’ll knock your socks off.
Kohlrabi –  I think this time of year these are better cooked than eaten raw.  But, raw can still be good, just not as tender and juicy as the fall.  For eating it raw, grating it with a carrots and making a slaw.  Here’s a recipe idea, just use the kohlrabi, instead of celeriac and add any carrots or radishes or hakurei turnips you have lying around.
Choi –  I peaked under the row cover today and found these.   A nice little green to stir fry.
Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash – Try the recipe below with this  one.  Or just cut in half and roast.
Acorn Squash – This recipe is a classic reinterpreted in a new way.  I really like this food blog, too. It’s worth a look if you don’t mind staring at a screen some more.
Rose Finn Apple Fingerling Potatoes –  Fingerling potatoes have such a nice flavor.  I really like to roast them.  Toss them in a  bit of oil, add some salt and pepper and a herb or two.  Cook for 25 to 40 minutes.  Yum!

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