What is in your share. Week of February 17th, 2014


Howdy Folks,

Well, we’ve had wet, windy, snowy and even a bit of sun mixed in there type of month.  Hope you all had fun in the snow.  We made it to our Thursday drop off without a hitch.  It took an hour and a half longer than normal to get into town, and was slow headed back, but we made it and the vegetables found their ways to the cold hands of the folks picking them up. Thanks all for showing up on a snowy afternoon to get your vegetables.

And the rain we’ve had, I think we have a seasonal stream running down our grassy pathway.  It’s pretty impressive the amount of rain we’ve had.  I was just getting used to all the dry weather we’d had back in January and now the rain.  Back to our winter weather.

No kale or collards this week.  This is maybe the 2nd time in the last 4 years that we haven’t had kale for a CSA pick up.  Don’t blame it on the rain, just those cold December days.  The kale is regrowing and I’ve even seen signs of raab in the collards and one variety of turnips.  That’s a good thing.  We’ll have kale and raab in the not too distant future.  Hope you’re all doing well.







What is in your share:


Squash-  These are a mix of squash.  Everybody should get at least one Carnival squash.


Purple Majesty Potatoes-  Eat ’em!


Red Core Chantenay Carrots-


Parsnips-  Two words.  Parsnip Fries.   Cut them into fry like shapes, add olive oil and salt and bake for 30-45 at 425 or so.  Stir once or twice during that time.  If you like them crispy cook them closer to 45 minutes.  Make aioli, or some sort of dip and enjoy.


Turnips-  Michelle really likes making enchiladas and is always trying out new additions.  This week she added roasted rutabaga to the dish.  I imagine that turnips would be a welcome addition, too.  The key is to roast them before hand. We cut them up into 3/4 by 3/4 inch pieces, then we melted butter (or olive oil) and stirred it in a bowl with a bit of salt and pepper. Put them on a tray, then roasted for about 30 minutes.  Eat them like that or add them to you favorite enchilada recipe.


Deadon Cabbage-  This has really come through for us this year.  The big freeze in early December really hit most of our kales and collards pretty hard.  While they are slowly recovering the cabbage is holding strong.  Have you ever roasted your cabbage?  If not, you should try it.  I like to cut it up pretty good and stir in some olive oil and apple cider vinegar, roast at 450 for a half hour or so.  Salt and pepper and season to taste.


Blue Solaize Leeks-  Leeks!  They are just as good for you as onions and garlic, so use them well.  If you’re can’t figure out what to do with them, use them like you would and onion.


Chicory-  This is a broad array of the different chicories we have out in the fields.  You may get a castlefranco, luisa, palla rossa, treviso, chicharole, or some other unnamed variety.


Garden Cress-  This peppery green is great as a stand-alone salad, as a garnish, as a green on a sandwich.  You decide.


Cilantro-  Oh, the joys of plastic.  I planted this back in the fall in our high tunnel.  Now we have a pretty nice stand of cilantro.  Hope you like it and that you’re not one of the soap eaters.  If this looks like too much cilantro you can always make pesto with it.  Just replace cilantro for basil in your favorite pesto recipe.

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