What is in your share? Week of December 16th

Howdy Folks,
Man, what a crazy couple of weeks.  Cold, cold, cold.  It hadn’t been that cold for so long since I can remember.  The ground was frozen solid, the vegetables were frozen solid, but most everything survived.  Yeah, I was a bit worried for a couple minutes, maybe a couple days, but what can you really do, but wait for things to thaw out?  And thaw out they did.  Just about everything survived this cold snap, though there’s some damage done.  A few of the radishes that you’ll get this week have a bit of damage to their tops, but their bottoms are fine.  Some of the radicchio got hit and pushed back a bit, but should recover.  A couple varieties of kale lost their older leaves, but the newer leaves are just fine, and the beets… we’ll see about the beets.  It looks like they got some damage to their top quarters, so we’ll see how that works itself out.  What does this mean for you, really not too much.  We plan for the worst, though we don’t like to see it.  There might be a few less beets than we’d normally like to give out over the course of the season, but we’re having a good carrot and turnip year and it looks like some of our trial kohlrabi made it through all of the cold.  So, you take the good with the bad.  Like Steve Winwood sang “…roll with it, baby, you and me, roll with it baby.”  The season’s rollin along and we’ve got a great share for you this week.
We’ve also got a new installment of the illustrated farm journal below by Lori d.  Check it out.
And a big reminder.  Next share pick up is not until the week of the 6th of January.  We’ve got a good couple week break for the holidays and such.  
Hope you all have a great Solstice this weekend and good holidays, too!
What is in your share?
Long Pie Pumpkin–  You had these about a month ago.  Hope you liked them.  It’s still pie making season (really that’s all season long) so you get another one of these gems.
Zepplin Delicata–  What do I have to say?  They’re so sweet, they’ll melt in your mouth.
Aurelius Brussels Sprouts–  These survived the cold just beautifully.  Try the bacon and walnut recipe posted on our website.
Red Bull Brussels Sprouts–  Purple and red.  They look good and taste great.  Many of folks have said they like the taste of these better compared to the green ones.
Red Thumb Potatoes–  This is a really nice fingerling potato.  Not too small and knobby.  Just about right.  The flesh inside has pink hues.
Napoli Carrots–  You got it.  Still delicious after all this cold.
Lancer Parsnips–  Oh boy!  You are in for a treat.  It’s Parsnip time.  I made a batch of parsnip fries last night and they fully delivered.  Sweet, tender, damn good.  Set your oven to 425 or so.  Cut the parsnips up in fry shapes.  Put them on a roasting pan or cookie sheet.  Drizzle olive oil, stir. Add salt and stir.  Roast for a total of 45ish minutes.  Stir after 20, check after 40.  Eat.  We like to make a  dipping sauce out of mayonnaise, mustard and paprika, but really you can add just about any spices once you use mayonnaise, or make your own aioli.  Curry spices, add honey or maple syrup to sweeten it up.  Or you know, one of my favorites is ketchup.
Watermelon Radishes–  Add these to any salad, grate into a slaw, or serve by themselves with butter and salt.
Leeks–   I say use them like an onion, other say I’m doing leeks a disservice to compare them to an onion.  You make the call.
Napa Cabbage–  We just had a very successful kimchi making experience this past weekend.  This is the base for the kimchi.  Add some watermelon radish, korean red pepper, salted shrimp, salt, a bit of sugar, garlic, and ginger.  Those are the basic ingredients to make kimchi.  You can also make great stir fries with napa cabbage.  Or great slaws.  Add a bit of sesame oil to bring it to life.
Galega de Folhas Lisas Kale–   Smooth leaf green kale from Portugal Kale.  What?  This is kale, I thought it was collards.  Nope, Kale.  Try this tradition portuguese dish Caldo Verde, it’s a delicious potato, kale sausage soup.
Castlefranco Radicchio–  This is my favorite radicchio.  Great flavor, great colors.  What more do you need?  If you haven’t played around cooking with it, you should.  There are many great cooked radicchio or escarole recipes out there.  Soups and stir fries and such.  We’ll try and get one up on the website soon.
Bag of Art–  This weeks installment includes another great prompt from Farm to Table Fluxus courtesy of Jen Delos Reyes and a vegetable print from Jason Sturgill titled “Northern Exposure”.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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