Week 5 – Color in 2013


Hi and Happy New Year!

It was pretty nice way to bring in the New Year with snow on the ground and sun in the sky. I think we had one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen around here. Fog settled in the bottom part of the field near the oak trees which muted the orange of the sunset. All this with a nice dusting of snow on the firs. Beautiful! New this share are leeks and collards. Cascade Glaze Collards are the variety we harvested for you. According to Uprising Seeds, the Cascade Glaze Collard may be new to gardeners and growers, but it’s actually an almost 200-year old variety that was resurrected and improved upon by three noteworthy plant breeders: Alan Kapuler, Carol Deppe, and Jeff McCormack. For insight into the breeding that made this variety and others, check out the seed ambassador project if you’d like to geek out for a minute or two. It’s good winter reading (especially while having some potato & leek soup).

Stay Warm,

What is in your share? (pictured above)

– Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash
We’ve had this one a while back. It’s still great! Treat it like you would an Acorn. Reba Acorn Squash
– Austrian Crescent Fingerling Potatoes
This is a great potato! It is rich and has great texture. Roasted in the oven with salt and olive oil is a simple and great way to eat these.
– Napoli Carrots
This is the last batch of Napoli’s. I would grow these all season long if they could last all winter. I think this is the sweetest batch yet. From here on out the carrots are still pretty amazing. The other varieties have a bit more carrot flavor. Add the sweetness to that and you have a pretty, perfect carrot.
-Three Grex Root Beet
We were able to save the greens on these. And they are nice beet greens. I usually treat them as I would cooked spinach.
-Mars Celeriac
Use the tops in soups or to snack on. If you haven’t used these in a slaw you better try, or else…..Try a carrot and celeriac slaw. Visit our website for more ideas.
-Tadorna Leeks
It’s that time of the winter when we start having leeks as part of the shares. Use these like you would onions in any dish. They are part of the same family and lend well to any dish. Try the classic potato leek soup. You could even add kale to brighten it up a bit.
-Redbor Kale
This a beautiful kale. It doesn’t fully keep it’s color when cooked, but it’s tasty. This style of kale makes really good kale chips.
-Cascade Glaze Collards
These are the first collards of the season. There are a million different ways to cook these. Treat it like you would kale. I like to cook some bacon or bacon ends, then using some of that oil add an onion, then put the collards in. Add a bit of water, broth, or apple juice and a couple slashes of apple cider vinegar and some salt. Cook for 10-20 minutes, or more if you’d like.
-Treviso Radicchio
This a nice upright radicchio. Slice it down the middle and grill it. Add it to any salad as colorful contrast. Eat it up!
-Castlefranco Radicchio
I really, really like this radicchio. It’s full of great speckled colors and is a bit more tender than some other radicchio’s.
-Silverskin Garlic

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