Week 4 – Hanging Upside Down


Hey Folks!

Well, I will say that I’m pretty excited about this share.  Not only the variety of vegetables, but some really nice colors in there that will make for pretty meals. The Red Bull Brussels Sprouts are a nice highlight. They don’t completely lose their color when cooked and have great flavor. That’s hard to beat in a purple brussels sprout. Another item that we usually don’t grow is salad mix. We grew a bit and it was a perfect time to harvest it. Hope you enjoy it! And on top of it all, Michelle made a holiday brussels sprouts print.  It’s beautiful if I do say so myself. As for the farm, it’s pretty darn good.  The plants are hanging around waiting for the solstice to come, while we’ve been squinting a lot with these darkening days and can’t wait for the solstice ourselves to add a few more outdoor hours to the day and brighten our mood.

Happy Solstice!

What is in your share? (pictured above)

-Long Pie Pumpkin
There are a couple great recipes on our website that use pumpkin.
-Sweet Dumpling Squash
This is a great winters squash!  The sweetness of a delicata with the richness of an acorn.  Eat ’em up!
-Red Bull Brussels Sprouts
Michelle made a nice print for y’all. Flip it over for a great recipe her family makes every year!  This variety is great.  Smaller, more compact sprouts with great flavor.  And did I mention great (and that they’re purple)?
-Gladiator Parsnips
I was over at my friend Josh’s house the other day and was reminded of a very simple and delicious way to eat these. Grate them with potatoes for morning hash browns.  Delicious!  And as always, Parsnip Fries.  Roast them in the oven at 400-450 for 45 minutes (stir them a few times) with salt and olive oil.  Make an aioli for dip. Now that’s going to be a good time.
-Napoli Carrots
3 pounds this time, instead of the usual 2.  What can we say about these…….not much, they speak for themselves.
-Gold Ball Turnips
This is a nice turnip.  Don’t mind a couple wormy spots, most of them are just surface damage.  The majority of the meat is very edible and delicious.  Roasting these really brings out the sweetness.  Once roasted you can turn them into a very flavorful soup.  You can eat the greens too.  Just chop them finely before cooking or else they get stringy.
-Rainbow Lacinato Kale
I love this variety of kale.  Hope you do, too.
-Sugarloaf Escarole
If you haven’t already grilled or roasted this, you really should try it this way.  We usually cut it lengthwise, drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper, then throw it in the oven face up at 400ish degrees and roast for 15-20 minutes, until the top leaves are crispy and browned.  A steak knife accompanies this meal nicely.
-Leonardo Radicchio
These small “rads” as we call them make an excellent contrast to your salad.  You can also roast them if you’d like.
-Flat Leaf Italian Parsley
It really just gets better this time of year.  It’s so sweet.  Even the stems.  Give them a try.  And remember  Parsley Pesto is a great way to use it up if you need to.
-Salad Mix
This is a mix of 3 of my favorite greens.  Arugula, Ruby Streaks, and Golden Frills.  The Streaks and the Frills both have a mild mustardy flavor and add nice loft to any salad.
I believe this is a Silverskin Garlic.  Our garlic had big rot issues this year.  Some of you may have gotten a bulb with a bit of mold on the inside.  Sorry about that, I thought I’d culled them all.  So because of the rot and such I did a trade with a friend and former farming partner of mine, Josh Volk over at Slow Hand Farm.  We traded some of our carrots for some of his garlic.  A great trade because he had some trouble with carrots this year as we had trouble with our garlic.  We had what each other needed and here ya go.

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