Fried Rice Super Rice

This is a real winner. We discovered black rice a few months ago. It’s really delicious, tender and fragrant, and while it makes a great base for wonderful curries or thai dishes, if you had leftovers it is really awesome to reincarnate as fried rice. We also started cooking the rice in a one part rice to one part water, 1/2 part chicken stock and 1/2 part coconut milk portion. This makes an even richer tasting rice, and gives you a base for the fried rice that is already really flavorful.
This fried rice recipe was passed along by a friend, and while the instructions are a bit wordy, I found after following the recipe closely the first time, subsequent times preparing the rice just called for a quick read to refresh the proportions and order of adding ingredients.
Almost anything we get from Mr. Percich is a nice addition to this dish. All the turnips, carrots, radishes and rutabagas are great if you dice them up small. I also found that left over roasted beets made a great contribution to the mix. Leeks can be substituted for the ginger if you like, and they really cook up nice at those high heats and impart a savory flavor that’s makes this tasty dish even better. But enough over sharing, try it and trust me, you will want to make this again. It turns leftovers into something you’ll look forward to.
Really Delicious Fried Rice Recipe:

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